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Rules ☑

Welcome, stalkers, to the official «Ray of Hope» forums! Here, you can discuss the «S.T.A.L.K.E.R.» universe, suggest your own ideas, and also take part in development of the project. On behalf of the development team, we would like to ask you to behave in a civilized manner, and be polite to each other. Participants are obliged to follow the rules shown below so everyone may have a comfortable stay at the forum.



 The Basics:



The theme



This forum is the official resource of the «Ray of Hope» project and is dedicated to a post-apocalyptic setting. In this regard, the main subject of the forum is the «S.T.A.L.K.E.R.» universe, as well as development and details of the «Ray of Hope» project.



  The account



Every forum member must have a personal account, containing detailed information about each and every one. The owner of the account is fully responsible for the contents of his/her posts, published from a currently active account. It is forbbiden to give your login information to third parties or create copies of personal accounts for private purposes.



User information



Any content tied to the user account must fit the rules of this forum



  Forum language



The official language in this forum is Russian. Using other languages is prohibited, except within specific sections which are designated for that. We advise you to use proper grammar according to the section's primary language!



  Making posts



Voice yourself clearly, in accordance with the rules of spelling and punctuation. Excessive use of options such as text editing, (e.g. changing the text color, font, font size) are not welcome. Messages containing images, or a significant amount of information must be posted under a spoiler.



  Posting links, video and images



The contents of media resources must fit the rules of this forum



  Creating topics



Topic formatting must be executed in accordance to the forum appearance: the text must be split into paragraphs with proper titles; media content must be formatted in accordance with posting criteria in such a way, that it stays laconic and concise. The contents of the topic must fit the rules of this forum.



  Possible mistakes



In case of forum malfunction, representatives of the administrative team and/or tech support team must be immediately notified.



 2. Prohibitions and restrictions



  2.1. Rules regarding communication



It is forbidden to use obscene language (veiled attempts included), provoke other forum members as well as members of the administrative team, use propaganda, posting of elements breaking censorship and/or moral norms, insult anyone on a racial, religious, national and/or sexual basis.



  2.2. Spam



It is forbidden t



Posting identical data and duplicate posts, as well as posts that do not carry any meaning and/or are distracting users from the topic of discussion are prohibited.



  2.3. Politics



It is forbidden to discuss current politics, due to 



Discussion of contemporary politics is prohibited on this forum, due to the provocative nature of such topics. Any discussions of the consequences of the past which draw parallels with contemporary politics are also prohibited.



  2.4. Offtopic posts



It is forbidden



It is prohibited to discuss other topics within the sections provided with a  theme or specific purpose. If necessary, the user may create a separate topic based on their interests (dedicated to a certain fandom, for example).



  2.5. Advertisements



Any type of advertisement is prohibited. Discussion or references regarding third-party content (projects, games, movies, etc.) is completely acceptable if not used for the purpose of advertising.



  2.6. False information



It is prohibited to spread false information, as well as to slander other users.



  2.7. Violation of legislation



It is strictly prohibited to manifest any behaviour that somehow violates the law.



  2.8. Violation of the privacy policy



It is forbidden to post information of any kind in order to obtain access to records and personal user data.



  2.9. The administration



It is prohibited to ignore the administrators' comments. Baseless discussion of administrative actions is also prohibited. All administrative actions are guided by the interests of the project. Any attempts to present oneself  as a representative of the administrative team are prohibited.



If you notice any violation of the rules, please notify the administration.



  3. Penalties for violation of the rules



  - Enabling Read Only mode (the ban on the publication of topics and posts)



  - Restricting access to the forum



  - Blocking of the game account



Possible restrictions:



  1) Profanity - activation of the «Read only» mode for a period of 1 day.



  2) Insulting other users - activation of the «Read only» mode  for a period of 3 days.



  3) Spam, flooding, offtopic - activation of the «Read only» mode for a period of 1 day.



  4) Insulting representatives of the administration - activation of the «Read only» mode for a period of 14 days and/or blocking the access to the Forum for a period of 14 days or more, as decided by the according member of the administrative team.



   5) Insulting the administration explicitly or implicitly - activation of the «Read only» mode for a period of 14 days or complete restriction of access to the Forum.



6) Discussion of the actions of the Administration or the developer explicitly or implicitly - activation of the «Read only»  mode for a period of 14 days.



7) Causing conflict or provocation on racial, ethnic, religious or sexual basis - activation of the «Read only» mode for a period of 14 days or complete restriction of access to the Forum.



8) Disclosing false or private information about the project - activation of the «Read only» mode for a period of 14 days or complete restriction of access to the Forum.



The administrator can select a sentence in sole discretion, depending on the situation.

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