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Technical problems

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Welcome to the official forums of the

«Ray of Hope» project! Here, you can discuss the «S.T.A.L.K.E.R.» and «Ray of Hope» projects, suggest your own ideas and also take part in the project development process. On behalf of the development team, we’re asking you to behave like civilized people and be polite to each other. The rules below are obligatory for every forum member and were created in order to establish a peaceful, civilized atmosphere on the boards.



1. The basics



1.1 User account



Every forum member must have his personal account, which contains various information about the user. The account’s owner is fully responsible for the content of the posts which have been published from his account. The account owner is not allowed to give his username and password to third party users.



1.2. Topic



This is the official forum of the «Ray of Hope» project and is dedicated to the «S.T.A.L.K.E.R.» and «Ray of Hope» universe. Accordingly, the main themes should be discussion of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone-related topics, «Ray of Hope» project development and communication among the players, questions and suggestions to the development team.



1.3. Possible errors



In case of any fault on the forums, administrators or our tech support centre should be notified.



2. Prohibitions and restrictions



2.1. Rules of communication



Obscene language, provocation, insults, propaganda, content that violates moral norms, harassment on the basis of race, disability, age, religion are all extremely prohibited.



2.2 Spamming



It is prohibited to post identical information repeatedly. Apart from that, messages that distract the user from the topic or nonsensical messages are also prohibited.



2.3 Politics



Discussing modern politiics on the forums is prohibited, as the sensitive nature of the topic is considered provocative. Also, discussing any consequence of the historical past or creating parallels between the past and the present in the political sense is also prohibited.



2.4 Offtopic



It is prohibited to EXCESSIVELY discuss non-topic related themes or converse within various subcultures, not connected to the topic of the forums in any way (anime, MLP, etc.) The users may create their own topic in the «Communication» boards.



2.5 Ads



All form of ads and promotion are prohibited on the forum. Discussing or mentioning other games is allowed, as long as it isn’t used to promote third party games and projects.



2.6 Disinformation



It is strictly forbidden to post false information about the «Ray of Hope» project, as well as to slander other users. Account imitation is strictly prohibited as well.



2.7. Violation of legislation



Users are not allowed to violate lagislation on the forums.



2.8 Violoation of the privacy policy



Posting information of any kind with the goal of getting any «Ray of Hope»  user account or personal information is extremely prohibited.



2.9 Administration



It is prohibited to ignore the remarks of the administration team or discussing its actions in any form. Administrator team’s actions are guided by the project’s interests. Falsely presenting yourself as a member of the admin team is prohibited. If you’ve noticed a viloation of the rules, please contact the forum administration.



3. Penalties for violation of the rules



1)     Enabling the «Read only» (prohibition of posting) mode



2)     Blocking forum access



3)     Blocking the game account



Possible restrictions:



1)     Profanity – activation of the «Read only» mode for 1 day



2)      Insulting the users - activation of the «Read only» mode for 3 day



3)     Spam, flood, offtopic - activation of the «Read only» mode for 1 day



4)     Insulting the members of the administration team - activation of the «Read only» mode for 14 days and/or blocking the access to the forums for 14 days or as decided by the administration.



5)     Insulting the project, administration, developers, moderators in one way or another - activation of the «Read only» mode for 14 days and/or blocking the access to the forums for 14 days or as decided by the administration.



6)     Discussing the administration team or developers’ actions in one way or another - activation of the «Read only» mode for 14 days



7)     Creating conflict or provocation on racial, national, religious or sexual basis - activation of the «Read only» mode for 14 days or a temporary ban



8)     Posting false or confidential information about the project - activation of the «Read only» mode for 14 days or a temporary ban



The members administration team may pick a penalty they consider fit for the situation.



4. Requirements



4.1 Forum language



The official language of the forums is English. To avoid confusion, use of other languages is not welcome.



4.2 Posting



Express your thoughts clearly, with proper use of grammar and punctiation. Overusing the text formatting (text colour, font, font size) is not welcome. A post containing an image or a big amount of information should be written using the „spoiler“ option.



4.3 Posting links, videos and/or images



Content of posted media must comply with the rules of the forum.



4.4 User information



The registration data of the user must not contain information that violates the rules of the forum.



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