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    @Diegtiarov, thanks for your interest, we were actually glad to get everyone updated with more info and we will do something like this in future for sure.
  2. Тема закрыта в связи с окончанием конкурса.
  3. @coldfingers, it just simpler to read actual suggestions rather than finding them among dozens of other people's commentaries.
  4. @Scar,
  5. @Scar, forum reputation doesn't affect anything yet.
  6. Here is the place to express your opinions on other people's ideas.
  7. @Schvoss, there is nothing yet about Steam compatibility. Also check FAQ next time.
  8. Q. Do you plan any in-game micro-transactions? A. All rights on "S.T.A.L.K.E.R." franchise belong to studio GSC Game World. We have no right to use the brand for commercial purposes, but negotiations are planned in the future. In case of success, there will be only cosmetic items without effecting gameplay. Q. What are the minimum system requirements? A. Processor 2.0 GHz, 512 MB graphics card, 2 GB of RAM. Q. When is the opened/stress test? A. Date is unknown. Q. What about the original game locations? A. We will include the most of the original locations with significant changes. Q. Where and how would I get in-game items? A. One of the most important factors in the world of "Ray of Hope" is the reputation. Reputation Points can be obtained by supporting one faction, in particular for performing tasks. With the accumulation of rank the player gets access to the new gear conforming to your clan. The player must prove that he is worthy enough to join. That`s why this aspect takes a key role in game. For example: killing a friendly or neutral players would influence , which eventually would result in restricting the renegade`s opportunities. Technically, Loners are counted as faction. Q. What would be the maximum amount of players on server? A. The stress-test will show. Q. What factions are added in game? A. Freedom, Duty, Loners, Bandits, Mercenaries, the Monolith. At the time of opened test Mercenaries and Monolith would not be playable. Q. Any customization of outfits / weapons? A. Weapons will be customizable. Q. Will forum account affect gameplay? A. It will be synchronized with in-game profile. Q. How to earn reputation? A. By completing quests. Q. What about the old characteristics of weapons/outfits/medkits/etc? A. Everything will be remade from scratch. Q. Is the game world divided into locations or seamless? A. The game world will be seamless. Q. Do I need to own the original game to play in RoH? A. No, RoH is a standalone client. Q. Will there be established some kind of security system? A. Yes. FAQ will be added as more information becomes available.
  9. @Suune, stay tuned to RoH Facebook page.
  10. @Волхв, ошибка связана с недавними работами над сайтом.