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  1. Problem is simply latency. If everyone from around the world would join on same server, differences in all that latency would make it stutter hell. Many players would not have fluid motion and you would see other players porting from spot to spot. Not to mention how hard would it be to aim at that target and how immersivnes would be bad. There is around 150-200ms latency between US and EU, imagine other countries or continents.
  2. Hey, I just saw dev diary dubbed in english. Thanks for caring for English community guys! I dont want to be too critical to the speaker of new English dubbed dev diary just to give my objective tought. Speaker have too much american pronounciation, therefor he "swallows" some letters in words, he keeps his voice too much monotone throughout the diary. He keeps the same level of voice and doesnt raise it or keep it dynmically when introducing new things which should be in a sense pointed out. He is speaking like he is voice acting a game character telling a story not a dev diary which is all about pointing out stuff. And he should definately speak more clearly and louder. I dont think he is bad and that dev diary is bad because of it I just to share my suggestion and my two cents. I mean this is RoH and not some mindless triple A game and I care that it shines. After all, I did post my "objective" opinion/suggestion here so I can see do you agree guys or dont agree on this and what do you think. Roast me.
  3. Will the ROH properly recognize our sound card installed, or have any additional surround effect as an option in sound preferences?
  4. Of course, everything in their respectful time.
  5. I wonder when will be next Beta testing, cant wait to try that 3D directional voice chat and see how it performs along with new Nvidia PhysX.
  6. Bar

    What a great thought of a Developer Dev. It really keeps people on their toes and to help people know whats going on. Big thumbs up for 3D Directional sound for voice chat, it is something that will really help immersion, and a detail that will prove to be extremely helpful while playing in MP. Hah Liquid from metal gear solid: Not yet snake, it's not over yet! to announce a Easter Egg, how could you miss it