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  1. Questions from myself, a few others, and a drunk named Blowoutshoutgun. Will there be anti-cheat software? Will you be able to zero/range your weapons? Will weapon magazines be their own item? Can you mix/load different ammunition types into a weapon (like mixing tracers with ballpoint etc)? Will there be anything new things added by the devs such as anomalies, weapons, mutants, armor, items, factions, areas etc? What time does ray of hope take place? Will there be quick travel? How often do items respawn? Will there be a system in place to prevent players from camping an area that has a good loot spawn? Player stashes? Will there be a guitar with actual controls to play it? Is there anyway to fix your reputation with a particular faction or even wipe your reputation all together? How will emissions work? How will Anabiotics work? Is there an insurance system for equipment? Will there be a "party" or "squad" system for players to group together? Will there be a system in place to prevent "battle-logging/combat-logging"? Can you have an NPC follower/companion? Will the zone have environmental changes over time such as snow? Will equipment have GUI, like a gasmask restricting your vision? Can you hire npcs to target other players? Will there be a bounty system? Dog tags? Will you have the ability to surrender to NPCs? Can you get knocked out? Can you drag bodies? Can gunfire attract mutants? Can a player's body turn into a zombie or a snork? What happens if a player gets to the sarcophagus? Can we throw items, like vodka, or weapons? Will there be a stealth system? Can I have a pet bloodsucker? ~ Blowoutshotgun Can guns misfire, jam, or slamfire? Will there be emotes? Will there be ray of hope merchandise for sale? Will barkeep be in the game, his frown and watered out spit filled booze gives me the will to keep surviving? Will there be cheeki breeki?
  2. The security check doesn't popup if you attempt to sign-up/register from this forum site, you have to sign up via the homepage registration (https://roh-online.com/ru/). And the security check also doesn't pop-up if you attempt to use the "Contact Us tab" which results in this (feels bad):